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Important Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Vape



You can benefit a lot from upgrading your vaping device. The first thing you need to consider is knowing the purpose why you need to want a new device. Do you have a wear out or decline vape device? Are you tired charging your battery every time? Or you just simply want to try something new? Do you need a replacement for your entire vape kit? If you are not satisfied with the performance of your e-cig, you can just replace the components that you are unhappy with. You may just need a battery if your mod dies quickly, or if you don't want the wattage capacity. Switching the mod or tank can help you achieve the performance you are looking for.



  1. Do you prefer a mouth-to-lung tank or a direct-to-lung tank? A mouth-to-lung tongue provides a small amount of denser vapor, not needing a lot of wattages, and closely simulates the real smoking experience. It produces less vapor and e-liquid with higher concentrations of nicotine can be used. A direct-to-lung tank requires more wattage as well as larger airflow openings to create a larger vapor volume.


  1. Do you prefer internal battery or external battery? Internal battery mods are permanently installed on your vape device and can't be replaced. The lifespan of an internal battery is about six to twelve months before a noticeable drop in performance. External batteries can be removed and replaced. Click for More!


  1. What wattage capacity do you prefer? If the tank you're looking has coils requiring a wattage between 30 to 70 watts, you need a wattage capacity of 70 watts or above.


  1. Do you need a portable vape device? If you are regularly vaping at home, a bulky or heavy vape device is okay, but if you frequently travel or you need to refill throughout the day, you need a compact vape device.


  1. Do you need advanced features and capabilities? The extra features you may consider include a temperature control, puff counter, clock, temperature curve, or even games. For more facts and information Vaping, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiUXXx6kPbk.


  1. It is important to consider the cost of the new vape device you are dreaming of. If it is not practical for you, then you can wait for a good deal or holiday promotion. If you have money to burn, then indulge yourself in a high-end and high-quality vape device.


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